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29 May



A Bodega or a Supper Club? It looked more like a Supper Club to me when I stopped by last week for lunch. The decor is gaudy and decadent with a giant screen playing scenes of old Havana, chandeliers & antique looking tiles. The 2 story loft looking restaurant has seating on both floors & is named after arguably the most famous Cuban cafe in Havana, known for being the place where Ernest Hemingway used to hang out and tipple while enjoying mojitos.  



This place will definitely take you on a trip through time. You feel as if they will begin filming a scene in the next “Scarface” movie. Dinning in Cuban restaurants is usually very inexpensive. At LA B Del M their cuisine is what they call “Cuban Fusion” with an innovative approach, blending typical dishes.



On Fridays & Saturdays after 10:00 P.M. the restaurant has live music & dancing. It also has a built-in Humidor that boast a large collection of cigars from around the world & a V.I.P. / party room to play Dominoes if you like. They make 25 different Mojitos, but, in order to be seated in the main level to dine, you must buy bottles!!! Make sure you make reservations so you’re not held up outside between the bouncers & the velvet rope.



Obviously, in such a setting you can expect your food to be pricey $$$. It can get costly pretty fast!!! WARNING: an 18% gratuity will be included in your bill. Like it or not! So, if you’re in a budget but, you simply must check this place out, either 1) show up early for dinner, 2) sit upstairs or 3) go for lunch instead.   For the restaurant’s website & to make reservations click here!






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29 May



STK is not your daddy’s steak house. The hot spot STK adds a unique element to the lively Restaurant Row on La Cienega Boulevard. It looks like the “sexy steak” concept is as popular as it is  already in its New York staple. 


Though STK is clearly geared toward the young L.A. club-hopping crowd, the sophisticated menu and exclusive atmosphere attract the same businessmen it claims to deter from.  I have to say that my friends & I enjoyed the food tremendously as well as watching gorgeous people dinning & partying at the bar.


The swanky restaurant with its club atmosphere is not your local Outback or Lawry’s. STK-LA follows a sleek black and white design, modeled after its successful counterpart in New York’s Meatpacking District. Dim lights dangle from the ceiling while contemporary art and abstract mirrors line the walls complementing the chic atmosphere.  


Customers are seated in semicircular booths to create open space that encourages a more social and relaxed ambiance. The table design, along with the d.j.’s energetic music, creates a vibe more comparable to a bar setting than an actual dining restaurant. And as if that weren’t enough they just opened their club Coco De Ville “CDV” that you can go to after dinner with out leaving the building.


I totally recommend it!!! Be ready to pay up for good food, impeccable service & good time ! $$$  To visit the restaurant website & make reservations click here




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04 Jan