2010 Dating Promotional Code from the Diva

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08 Mar

Find true love through eHarmony.  Here is my 2010 eHarmony Promotional Code: EHDIVA . Use it and get one month free! Thanks eHarmony, for sponsoring my show!

Get one free month!

Get one free month!

Ready to find love in all the RIGHT places? eHarmony is one of the most respected matching and dating services on the internet.  And one of the most successful in the world.   It goes the deepest into creating profiles that match on multiple levels, and literally looks deeper into the things that make you truly compatible with another. Take the time to fill out the questionnaire. I think its worth it. Each match is pre-screened over 26 dimensions. (Hopefully) your match will have that many ;-). Once you complete the questionnaire, you can start matching immediately. Now it is FREE to receive and review your single matches.

eHarmony is the king (or queen) of online dating services. Take if from the Diva.  I am excited that they are  a sponsor of my show.  I have met people who have used the service and love it.  The detail they analyze really does make it possible to find love in all the RIGHT places.

Can you find love on the internet?  You just have to know where to look!  The internet has opened new doors to finding relationships, and the Style Diva wants all of you to find your perfect match. Thousands of people who have met on eHarmony do get married. And hundreds of thousands more find meaningful opportunity.  Another great thing about using the service is that it helps you get a better picture of yourself. By going through the questionnaire, you begin to understand all of the things that others look for in a match.  Why would you expect to find your true love in a bar??? At the very least, eHarmony helps you cast a broader net, and discover the hidden connections you have with others.

Its unbelievable that they are responsible for over 2% of the marriages in the United States!  To me, that is amazing.  Now you can pre-screen your matches for free and then sign up when you are ready to take the plunge just pick the plan that’s best for you.  Don’t forget to use my promotional code.  Its EHDIVA, darlings.

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