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21 Jan


Even if you don’t like Heidi Montag, it’s hard not to feel concerned for her these days. The 23-year-old had 10 plastic surgery procedures on November 20th in one day.

• Mini brow lift
• Botox in foreheard and frown area
• Nose job revision
• Fat injections in cheeks, nasalabial folds and lips
• Chin reduction
• Neck liposuction
• Ears pinned back
• Breast augmentation revision
• Liposuction on waist, hips, inner and outer thighs
• Buttock augmentation

In recent interviews following her procedurs, she’s made glib statements about wanting “to go bigger for [Spencer]” and picking out her various “new” body parts by looking at Playboy back issues.  “Nobody ages perfectly, so I plan to keep using surgery to make me as perfect as I can be,” Heidi told People. “Because, for me, the surgery is always so rewarding.”

“I do love it and I appreciate it and I appreciate the science behind it,” she explained. “We are blessed to even have this surgery that we have. We’re so advanced. If Cleopatra were alive now, I’m sure she’d have triple D’s … there’s always been a struggle between pain and beauty. I feel like since the beginning of time.”

“I actually want [size] H for Heidi,” she admitted to “Extra.”


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