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Media outlets everywhere are reporting that reality star Khloe Kardashian is really marrying her boyfriend of just nearly 2 months Lamar Odom this Sunday!

According to E! News:

Sources confirm the date to E! News and claim that most guests (but apparently not some of his Los Angeles Lakers teammates) have already been notified over the phone, with formal invites expected to arrive later this week.

Of course, the 25-year-old E! starlet is keeping mum about the whole thing, telling us exclusively, “I can’t confirm or deny…”

Still, a source close to the 29-year-old hoopster tells E! News that the couple went ring shopping over the weekend in Los Angeles and that the lucky lady found a ring that Odom bought on the spot.

“She’s not wearing it yet because it is being resized,” says the source.



Mackenzie Philips was at the Today Show to speak about her new tell-all bombshell memoir!

It is not, Mackenzie Phillips said, either as simple or as reprehensible as the news stories make it seem. Her father, John Phillips was not a monster, and that 10-year “affair” she is said to have had with him is not as easily categorized as it would seem.

“My father was not a bad man. He was a very sick man,” Phillips told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira Thursday in one of a series of interviews about her tell-all book, “High on Arrival” and her folk-rock superstar father, “Papa John” Phillips of the Mamas and Papas.

“If anyone out there can possibly separate his body of work from his personal demons, that would be the honorable thing to do. He didn’t set out to hurt me. He did the best with what he had. He was damaged guy,” Phillips said.

She says it is true that on the night before her first marriage at the age of 18, she woke up in a drug-induced fog to find John Phillips having sex with her, she said. And it is true that 10 years would go by before she finally stopped the incestuous relationship after she aborted a child because she didn’t know if it was her father’s or her husband’s. But, Phillips told Vieira, it is not accurate to describe that decade as a continuous relationship.

“At 18 I was molested, then maybe three years later, I started waking up with my pants down around my ankles. And then maybe two years after that, it became consensual,” Phillips said. “So to call it a 10-year affair, a 10-year relationship, is not correct. That is something I would like to get out.”’

Book has divided her family.

Phillips said she did not intend when she began writing her memoir to reveal so much, but she decided that it would be dishonest to do otherwise and a disservice to others who have suffered the emotional horrors of abuse and incest.

Her stepmother, Michelle Phillips has said that Phillips is imagining what happened. Her half-sister Chyna said the stories are too incredible to be made up. Her other sister, Bijou and her brother, Tamerlane, have shown measured support.

Phillips did not criticize those in her family who have not shown unflinching support for her. For one thing, she said, to her knowledge her sisters were not abused by John Phillips. For another, they are reacting the way most families react to such unwelcome and embarrassing.

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The former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star Sarah Michelle Gellar, 32 and Freddy Prinze, Jr. 33, are now proud parents of a baby girl.

Miss Charlotte Grace Prinze was born on Saturday, Sept.19th. This is the couple’s first child. Sarah and Freddy met at the set of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” in 1977 and tied the the knot in 2002. The couple also started in “Scooby-Doo” in 2002 and “Scooby-Doo 2: Monster’s Unleashed” in 2004.

In 2007 Sarah changed her last name to Prinze in honor of their fifth wedding anniversary.


Kate Moss attended the Topshop Unique show at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 earlier today Sunday.

Sitting front row with owner Sir Philip Green and his daughter Chole Green.

Chloe is leaping  into fashion with the help of Kate Moss and her father Phillip.

Ms. Chloe says, “I’m designing my own fashion range, which is really exciting.”

“My father knows that this is what I want to do and is fully supportive. It helps because of what he does for a living and I’ve grown up in the business,”

20 Sep

Rihanna was spotted partying in NYC Saturday night. She hit up Jay-Z’s club 40/40. The “Umbrella” songstress didn’t seem to mind her wardrobe malfunction as we can see under her leggings and underwear under her see-thru bustier.




After carefully watching Kanye last night on Leno, I truly feel that this time he’s honestly sorry.






Jessica Simpson’s heart is broken! Her beloved Malti-poo, Daisy has been taken by a coyote.


On Monday night Jessica posted on twitter asking for any information regarding her missing dog. She wrote the following:


“My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help.”


Jessica posted this picture of Daisy and an email address to send any information regarding her disappearance :






14 Sep



Sadly, Patrick Swayze has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at age 57 after almost 2 years of being diagnosed. Swayze’s publicist Annett Wolf confirmed Patrick died today at his home with family at his side.


He was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in early 2008. He went public with his illness but continued to work on his A& E show “The Beast”.


Doctors later determined the cancer had spread to his liver. Patrick remained remarkably upbeat through his fight though he suffered a pneumonia in January a result of his chemotherapy treatments.


Patrick was best-known as a romantic leading man for the films Dirty Dancing (1987) and Ghost (1990) for which he received Golden Globe nominations. He also performed and co-wrote the song “She’s Like The Wind”.











Last night, Taylor Swift took the stage at Radio Music Hall to accept her award for Best Female Video.  


The young Country singer was in the middle of her acceptance speech when Kanye West grabbed the mic from Taylor and announced that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”  should have won the award!






Ellen DeGeneres is the new judge on ‘American Idol’ and heres why:


“I love music-period,” she explained to in an interview. “And I’m a huge fan of the show. I haven’t missed one show since the beginning..I’m just a fan like everybody else.”


Ellen is about simply critique and support and says, “People are the ones who choose the American Idol. Ultimately, it doesn’t come down to some expert in the music industry. It comes down to everybody at home who says, ‘That’s the person I relate to.’ I hope to be that voice.”


On carrying on Paula Abdul’s personality, Ellen says… “I’m not going to be mean. I hate when Simon’s that mean.”


She says, “I’ll tell him the same thing I tell him when he’s on my show – that he’s mean. You can be constructive, and you can criticize someone in a way that’s helpful and not mean-spirited.”


She also hopes that former judge “Paula Abdul” is “OK” with her signing-on as judge.  “I don’t want anyone to think I took her job away from her.”

Ellen says she’ll be “honest” but will “bring compassion” to the show.


“I’m speaking from someone who loves music and someone who’s on stage everyday. Hopefully, I can give them good advice and help choose someone that people will like. I really do pride myself on ‘not judging,’” she added. “I’m human and I have opinions, but I do try to catch myself and remind myself everyone is who they are for a reason.”


Randy Jackson says it was a wise choice even though she has no music experience.


“Ellen can be the voice of the people among us,” he said. “I think between me, Simon and Kara DioGuardi, there’s enough musical experts to go around right there.”


He added that she’s “going to bring a really interesting, different perspective to the people and to the panel.”