21 Sep




Fall Out Boy, who toured with Barker’s +44 in 2007, said in a statement that they reacted to news of the crash with “deep sadness,” and extended their sympathies to the families of those who were in the crash. 


“Our band would like to reach out and put those who were a part of this tragedy and their families in our prayers, and as well our continued support for the recovery of those who survived,” the statement reads. “It’s times like these that we are reminded — in the worst possible way — to honor life. Chris [Baker] was a rad guy. He always had a way to get us to smile on tour, no matter what situation we were in, and he was truly beloved.


“In the next few days, more information will emerge and we will more fully understand the extent of this terrible tragedy,” the statement continues. “In the meantime, we want to encourage anyone reading this to simply tell the people you love how you feel.” 






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